A collection of 50 things to do on a stag do.

You have been asking so here are some ideas we think are a the best for your Stag night.

If you've any others then let us know and we'll add them.

1 - Fancy dress is a brilliant way to add more laughs to a Stag night. Popular choices include pirates, Superheroes, Mexicans, doctors, golfers. Film themes such as The Hangover, Ghostbusters, The Mask, Rambo, Rocky are fun or even dress as an animal such as gorillas, frogs or rabbits. The list is endless.

2 - The Mankini or morph suit are top alternatives to fancy dress but you can try and think of something similar. You could just dress the Stag in one of these instead of you all wearing this.

3 - Alternative dress - why not put the names of your group members in a bag. Get each of them to pull out a random name and then they get to buy the outfit for that person to wear on the stag weekend. Set a budget of approx 10 each so everyone has to be very inventive. This is great fun.

4 - Your stag night wouldn't be complete without your accessories such as inflatable guitars, massive bananas, wigs, hats, beards, flashy sunglasses etc.

Stags having a great time

5 - Personalised T shirts - Get some T Shirts printed with the stag's name or picture on. You can add details of the stag weekend such as the destination, date and nicknames.

6 - T shirts and marker pens - Why not all wear plain white t shirts. You can buy these very cheaply. Take along some marker pens and draw on each others t shirts throughout the night. The more the drinks flow, the more imaginative your doodles and graffiti will become.

7 - UV paint - If wearing personalised t shirts or fancy dress, paint a message on the Stag. This won't show up until it's dark so he won't know until later. He'll really glow in the dark. You will keep it clean won't you?

8 - Hire a dwarf to be handcuffed to the Stag for the night. He won't be able to go anywhere without his shadow. You may even think of something similar if you can't get a dwarf. It could be something that isn't alive like a giant teddy bear or a cardboard cutout of a film character like Chewbacca. Get your heads together lads.

9 - Get some stag do games ready for the night - Great for getting to know each other. One you may want to try is to take along a camera and set up the timer. Then pass it around the table each pulling a funny face in front of it. You'll end up with some great pictures of the night.

10 - Forfeits are a brilliant way to add some extra fun to the party. Adding forfeits to the games make them much more competitive. Popular with groups of lads are doing press ups, having to finish his drink, dancing backwards to the next stop of the night, crawling on hands and knees, drinking from a shoe, standing on a chair and singing a crazy song. I'm sure you can think of lots more ideas.

11 - Think up some Stag Dares and go through the dares for the stag throughout the night.

12 - A unique way to remember the stag do is to get some personalised beer mats with his face on.

13 - Beer mat game - You need to carry your personalised beer mat with you everywhere on the Stag weekend . All drinks need to be on your beer mat unless you are holding it in your hand. If not, you'll have to do a forfeit!

14 - Get a Kitty. Not a cat but get the best man to be in charge of a kitty for the weekend. Save for this either before you go or put into it as soon as you arrive. It really helps to sort out payments.

15 - Get the stag to use some fake tan. Great to go with his Mankini outfit! Or just fake tan half of his face, one arm, one leg. You get the idea.

16 - Activity days are a great way of bonding and can include quad biking, karting, clay pigeon shooting and archery.

17 - Blag a drink from someone you don't know. If it is a woman it's better.

18 - Get the Stag to pull his own pint in the pub. Make sure you ask though.

Lads Weekend

19 - A personalised beer glass is a good gift for the stag or why not all have your own glass with the party motto.

20 - Badges are an alternative to wearing t shirts.

21 - Adrenalin filled weekends are a thrilling way to celebrate if everyone is up for it. You could try something a little more out of your comfort zone such as a bungee, white water rafting or rally driving.

22 - Paintball is a classic. A very good way to spend the day with your mates but don't go too close to the wedding day to make sure the bruises on the groom heal.

23 - Fancy a flutter - there are horse racing tracks near most big cities throughout the UK and you can even add a slap up meal, betting vouchers and race cards.

24 - Greyhound racing is a great evening choice for your stag do. You can choose to include drinks and food if you wish.

25 - Visit a casino to play the slots and why not get some gaming tuition whilst you are there too.

26 - Comedy Clubs are a real favourite for Stag groups. There are some top quality acts at weekends and most venues have a disco after the show or entry to a club.

27 - Cider and beer tasting events are a favourite choice. Another option is Whisky tasting which is popular in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

28 - Don't forget to eat. You'll need something to soak up the drink. There are loads of different food choices such as curry, pizza, steaks and many more. It is easy to forget to eat something when you are all having so much fun. Make sure you do!

29 - Female nude life drawing is such a laugh and a different idea. You even get to keep your drawing - so make it good.

30 - Cufflinks are a nice momento for the stag and will give him something nice to remember his Stag night.

31 - If the stag and other group members are smokers you could celebrate the event with a cigar. Not a small one but a huge thing.

32 - Upload your weekend antics on to You Tube so those that didn't attend will wish they had. Also a great way to show off your dirty work by embarrassing the stag.

33 - Learn a dance routine - such as Thriller, T Birds from Grease or a Boy Band medley. Perform this for the Bride and the other guests at the wedding party.

34 - Make a pop video - Why not make a pop video as a surprise for the Bride of her favourite song to play at the wedding. You'll have great fun making it.

35 - Love singing along to all the hits then a karaoke evening is for you. Lots of fun guaranteed. Add some pizza or party food and some beers to make it even better.

36 - Visit the obligatory lap dancing club. What stag night is complete without this.

Girls at the club

37 - If the stag prefers luxury then stay at a top hotel. There are some great value luxury stays available at weekends. Check out what special offers there are.

38 - Your day hasn't got to be about adrenalin activities. Go for a swim in the indoor pool, have a sauna and take it easy with a leisure day.

39 - Add a beauty treatment such as a rejuvenating massage, a shave or a man facial.

40 - Make sure you take lots of embarrassing pictures of the main man. Try to take some that he doesn't know about. That will be a nice surprise for him!

41 - A stretch limo can transport your group in style or hire a minibus or coach with driver to ferry you around all day. That way you don't have to do much walking or wait around for taxis.

42 - Record your favourite song. You'll get to keep this as a souvenir of your wonderful weekend away with all your mates. Think Power Ballads - We Are The Champions by Queen or Roy Orbison, I Drove All Night.

43 - You'll definately need some Champagne to toast the Stag.

44 - Party at a top nightclub. Make sure guestlist entry is pre-booked and you can even reserve a booth or table for the night.

45 - Surprise the Stag with a stripper. This idea has been a favourite for many years and although some might say a little bit 'Old Hat' it still remains one of the stag night highlites. If you want a great laugh book a bigagram or a grannygram. It will also save him from a ear bashing from the new Mrs.

46 - A weekend away with your mates is the ultimate way of celebrating. Make sure you plan it well.

47 - A traditional wet shave will smarten you up for your top evening and is great for a bit of male bonding. Better still if you visit one of the vintage style barbers that are now available.

48 - A bar crawl or party bus tour will let you visit several bars and clubs. Make sure you arrange this before you go to guarantee entry.

49 - Take a sea fishing trip. Who will catch the biggest fish and who will survive the day? Just add beer!

50 - Have a wicked time!

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Love these! Do I have to do them all?.


No Lol. Just pick your favourites.


Some nice ideas! Thanks for the advice.


Really need some help getting my mates stag do sorted. I thinking of Leeds so what clubs do you recommend?


Don't worry. We are here to help. I recommend looking at club package if you are thinking about going to Leeds. We only use the top nightclubs and bars so no need to worry. You'll have a great time! If you need any more help just message me.


Can you add a list of more stag theme ideas. I need some ASAP!


We will very soon. Check back later.



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