Rock video stag party in London.

Be a rock star for the day and make your own pop video. On arriving at the studio you will be given an introduction to the event and enjoy a glass bubbly. A professional make-up artist will be there to get you ready and after rehearsing your key scenes filming will begin. This event takes place at a film and photography studio in London and includes make-up styling, a glass of bubbly, choreography and a DVD of the day. This event is available on Saturdays only and lasts for 2 and a quarter hours.

You will be able to choose your song from a list and be given advice on what to wear prior to the event so you can dress up for the theme. Some popular themes are based on stars like Madness, Queen, Michael Jackson, Village People etc. So you're in for a great laugh!

Pop video stag party Based on a minimum group size 12. Maximum group size 22.

Similar events also available in most other locations.

70 per person