Stag and Hen Weekend Locations

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Hen Party Destinations

Hen party destinations

When choosing a destination for a hen weekend you should ask yourself three important questions. Where will all the hen's friends / family be travelling from and how far will they need to travel, does the location offer the types of activities that the hen will want to do and will it be within everyones budget. Other things that are worth considering are have members of the group already visited the place, what will the weather be like at the time you will be visiting and where are the stags going to be.

If you are planning to have the weekend at one of the beach destinations like Bournemouth, Brighton, Newquay or Blackpool you will need to consider what time of year it will be. These are popular summer destinations and get very busy at that time of year so you will also need to book early. Hotels in these type of places do not usually allow one night stays so you will need to plan on staying for 2 or 3 nights.

Top city locations like Newcastle, London, Manchester and Bristol can offer much better value and also have excellent nightlife and party venues as well as good daytime activities. If you are looking for a more unique place to have a hen party then Bath, Cambridge and Cheltenham have a wonderful history and offer great hotels and activities but are a little more expensive.

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Stag Night Destinations

Stag night destinations

Picking the right destination for a stag party usually means finding somewhere that has all activities and nightlife that the stag would want to do but you should make sure it is easily accessible to everyone who is invited, within budget and the type of accommodation you want is available. It is always a good idea to talk it over with the stag and other members of the group to make sure everyone is happy before booking.

Newcastle has long been regarded as the UK's party capital and groups of stags can be seen celebrating in the areas pubs and bars every weekend. The last decade has seen other towns and cities become popular with Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham and Nottingham offering activities that most groups will find exciting, fun and at reasonable prices. Hotel prices can also be much better at weekends in larger cities.

Some places that are a little bit different but still offer good facilities like Oxford, Bath and Reading are also a good idea. These type of places tend to be a good choice for a more grown up stag weekend that is looking for quality and don't mind paying a little bit extra.

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