50 things to do on a hen night.

We have put together 50 ideas that will make your hen weekend a success and some 'must do's' on a hen night.

Whether you're a group of girls going away for a whole weekend, celebrating on a night out or a stay at home hen party you will find many of these fun suggestions helpful. Let us know what you think or any ideas we may have missed.

1 - You could always make a list of forfeits throughout the evening to keep everyone on their toes. There are drinking forfeits, dare forfeits like wearing your knickers on the outside of your clothes and forfeits that make you dance erotically or in a funny way. Dare cards, Mr and Mrs questions, hen do challenges and games are also really good fun.

2 - Travel in style in an American stretch limousine. If a pink stretch limo isn't your thing go for a classy luxury car like a Bentley. Or if you have lots of family and friends you may be better hiring a coach to transport you to the hotel and venues - play some girlie movies on the coach like Sex in the City.

Hen Activity Ideas

3 - Have a Hen Night theme where you can all dress up or go in fancy dress. Classic themes include Angels, Cowgirls, Can-can dancers, all wearing the same colour and fairies but the list is endless. Here is the complete hen party themes list.

4 - Get some personalised T Shirts printed with the hens picture on and don't forget to add the details of the hen weekend like - Name, Slogan, Date and Destination i.e. Deb's Dirty Hen Weekend Bournemouth 2016 or each person could have their own nickname - See number 5.

5 - Make up nicknames for each member of your group. Naughty Nicky, Randy Mandy. This may take you a while to think of a name for everyone but it's a fun thing to do. You could even add these to your T-shirts.

6 - Don't forget your hen party accessories such as wigs, feather boas, hats, etc.

7 - Buy some furry handcuffs. You may need them to keep the hen from wandering off.

8 - Get some Hen night sashes. These seem to have become a 'must have' on a hen do. There are some really classy sashes available now with a satin feel material, flashing lights or silver writing. You can also get these personalised with the hen night details and if you are going with the nicknames idea you could have each one printed with the name. Another wonderful way to enhance the sashes is to add details of who the party member is like Mother of the Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid Of Honour...

9 - Guest book Idea - signed by all the hens. Take a nice guest book to the party and get everyone to sign it. This will make a super gift for the hen to keep to remind her of the party.

10 - Put together a photo album containing photographs of her life from when she was a baby, through school years right up to present day. You may need help from the hen's parents for this. Make it as embarrassing as possible.

Hen Party Sash

11 - If you don't fancy printed T-shirt get some Hen night badges printed and get everyone to wear them.

12 - A good gift for the hen is a personalised shot glass or wine glass. This is one gift that is going to get used on the night.

13 - Decorations help make a hen party special - Try ideas like balloons, streamers and banners to decorate the room for the party or the hen's hotel room for the weekend. Very important if staying at home.

14 - Make up party bags full of great surprises. This is a super idea for a hen weekend and you could just make a goodie bag for the hen or one for each of the guests. Try to add some fun gifts which can be purchased for just a few pounds. Think party bubbles or poppers, small chocs, cheeky straws. You get the idea.

15 - Take disposable cameras and give them out to everyone in the group to take pictures of the hen weekend. Most people have mobiles with camera functions now but disposables are more fun and you get real prints of the weekend to keep.

16 - Take lots of photos then make a Hen Night themed scrapbook. You could add tickets, cut outs, the sash, hotel bar bill etc. Call it the 'What we did on my Hen Weekend' or 'Emma's Hen Weekend Scrapbook' book. These are often referred to as a keepsake or memory book and are a wonderful way to remember the party weekend. Other marvelous ideas to personalise your book is by adding items you have signed or written messages on during the event. e.g. If you all have an ice lolly you can write a nice message on each stick, sign and keep a paper restaurant menu or beer mat.

17 - Hen night cakes are a wonderful and unique hen do idea. Get one made up with a picture or icing model of the hen. If you are good in the kitchen and have time bake it yourself. It will add that personal touch or if one of the invited guests has culinary skills then get them to bake. You could even get together and have a Great British hen party bake off.

18 - Have a private group dance session - themes such as Salsa, Grease, Dirty Dancing. You can surprise the guests with your dance at the Wedding party.

19 - Sporty activity weekends like Quad biking or karting have always been popular with groups of stags but these are becoming more popular with hens.

20 - Record your own Hen Party song and burn it to CD. This is a great reminder of a brilliant day and each guest can have a copy. You should choose some songs that have a special meaning for the hen.

21 - If the Bride to be likes a little luxury then why not pamper yourselves with a luxury hotel stay. Read more in our 12 luxury hen weekends feature.

Luxury Weekend

22 - One of the most popular way to spend the day is to relax and unwind with a day at a spa. Make the day extra special by adding some beauty treatments for everyone and with extra treatments for the hen.

23 - Go for a picnic. Don't forget the blankets, wine cooler, cd player and some nice food from a deli.

24 - Cocktails are a must for any hen party so make sure you visit a cocktail bar or make your own at home. Make up your own cocktail with all the party girl's favourite ingredients and name it after the Hen. Jill's Jungle Juice, Mia's Martini, you get the idea.

25 - Make up a fun hat for the hen to wear. The hen hat should have lots of funny and embarrassing things attached to it. Old photos of the hen, streamers etc

26 - And don't forget the bubbly! Champagne is always a great way to celebrate and some bubbles are a must at a hen party. Other popular Fizz that won't break the bank is Cava, Prosecco and Australian Sparkling wine. Make sure you chill well and serve in flutes.

27 - A great way to break the ice and get to know each other is with some party games.

28 - Dares are a super way of getting the party going and getting everyone laughing. Make a list of dares before the night.

29 - Make a pop video with the hens favourite single. You can then play this on the evening. Guaranteed to get everyone laughing and makes a wonderful momento of the weekend.

30 - A Karaoke evening is a new and fun way to spend the evening. Add some party food and a few drinks to make it a special night.

31 - For something different why not take part in a private murder mystery event - for your group only. Get the plot written around the bride and groom.

32 - Male life drawing is a giggle and you will have a memento of the day to take home.

33 - Send out Hen Party Invitations. Make sure you do this early to give the guests plenty of time to make arrangements.

34 - For smaller groups or a more relaxed hen night go for a nice meal at a restaurant followed by a disco or dance the night away at a night-club. You can find more details of these hen weekends for small group sizes.

35 - A Cheesy nightclub is perfect for a hen party break. Choose one that plays lots of party hits! We can sort this out for you or add The Stag and Hen Company bar and club pass.

36 - Comedy clubs have become a hen party favourite. Add a meal and some drinks to make it an extra fun evening. There are some brilliant new acts hitting the UK comedy scene at present and the quality of entertainment is now the best it has been for years. There is usually a disco or nightclub at the end of the evening as well so the party does stop until much later.

37 - Male strip shows are extremely popular for girly weekends. Or you could hire a male stripper to give the hen a surprise at the restaurant or bar. Make sure you get the OK from the venue manager first.

38 - Have afternoon tea at a posh hotel or tea rooms. Vintage tea rooms are a novel way to enjoy an afternoon and with many new ones around the UK you should be able to find one at your choice of destination. Some venues now offer a beauty salon experience so you can have your hair, nails, make-up or a beauty treatment at the same time as you enjoy your tea and cakes. Now that is a great idea!

39 - Go shopping or hire a personal shopper at one of the top city destinations like London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester....

40 - Visit a casino where you can enjoy a cocktail and have a go at some of the many tables or the slots.

41 - Go horse racing. The UK has some great horse racing tracks and most offer VIP packages that include meals, race cards etc. You could even hire a limo to take everyone there and home again. Or Greyhound racing is a great idea if you want to do something on the evening. These are exciting and there are packages on offer that include a race card, vouchers, food and drinks.

42 - Get a stranger to buy you a drink.

43 - Make a hen night video and upload onto You Tube. The objective should be to show everyone having a good time and celebrating with the hen. Especially good if you are planning a dance activity or Karaoke event.

Toast to the Hen

44 - Wine tasting events are popular and can be done at a venue or at home. I really like this and think it's a brilliant activity idea for a hen slumber party.

45 - Fortune cookies are a fun way to end a hen party meal and a little different as well. You can get them from all Chinese food stores and large supermarkets.

46 - Book a fun Tarot card reading session or visit a fortune teller.

47 - Make sure someone proposes a toast to the Hen. A pre-written toast is best unless you are good at that sort of thing.

48 - Make up a mix CD of the hens favourite tracks. This could include some embarrassing tracks that she has liked over the years. Think cheesy 80's pop.

49 - Have a makeover day including make up, hair etc. Great to get ready for a night on the town. You could all book into a salon and take along nibbles and bubbly to make it special for the hen.

50 - Make sure you all Enjoy Yourself!

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Thanks for the list. I found it very helpful and will try out lots of the ideas for my friend's hen night.


You could have a pole-dancing lesson. We took part in one for my hen party and it was great fun.


For my hen night I got everyone to dress up in their pj's. It was the best fun ever :-)


I love the printed T-shirt idea. I'm getting some done for my hen night.


My favourite is number 43. Just hope the h2b don't see it!!!.


Amazing list with some really good ideas for my hen night.


Can you recommend a good package for my sisters hen party which we are planning to have in june. Must be under 100.


@Joanna Try this page it has lots of weekends within your budget but it depends on how many nights you are planning to go for.


I've just booked a life drawing class and can't wait.


We hired a hunky butler to host my hen party. He turned up wearing nothing but an apron and a bow tie. It was a brilliant laugh!


I took your advice and made up a hen party bag for everyone in the group. I filled the bags with novelty whistles, bubbles, love hearts, naughty willy chocolates, party poppers and balloons. We each put a little extra in the hens bag like a small bottle of wine, dares, games, a t-shirt and some other things for the weekend which she loved.


I have just started looking at some ideas for my hen do and really want something that is unique. What can you suggest that is unusual?


For the day, have you looked at the fascinator making or a recording studio experience? Both are a bit different to what most people might have done before. It depends on where you are thinking of going as these events are not listed at every location.


Thanks for the tips xx I defo want something that is not tacky. I am going to book the cocktail mixing for the day but still have not decided what to do for the evening but like the sound of the party platter with bars and clubs. I will be booking this weekend.


Love them all - Thanks for your help !!


Do you have any good ideas for invites? I want to make my own but not sure how.


Lots of great tips on here. What UK city is best to visit for my friends hen weekend. She wants to be pampered and stay in a very nice hotel.


You have given me some wonderful ideas for my hen night. Thanks for your help. I can't wait.



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