List of Unique Hen Do Themes.

Here's the list you have all been asking for. There is a different theme for almost every style of hen party that will make your celebration lots more fun and with a little imagination unique as well.

Adding a theme to a hen party doesn't have to cost you anything if you are good at putting a fancy dress costume together yourself but if you are in a hurry or are not so hot with a pair of scissors then you could rent or buy one. Another good idea is to have a theme so you can just where some of your own and some borrowed clothes. Charity shops are also great places to shop for cheap outfit ideas and are excellent for finding out those little extras like hats, costume jewellery and vintage accessories.

We will add more when you hear of them and you can let us know if you have been on a hen weekend which had a theme.

Army Girls with camouflage dresses, tights, make up and army hats.

If you are up for a laugh then go dressed as Old Ladies or grannies. You can get your outfit from a charity shop. Don't forget the accessories like a hair net, zimmer frame or stick.

All one colour like pink, red, blue or whatever the hens fav colour is. Don't forget the little extras like coloured tights, hats and jewellery.

All different colours. One red, one pink, one green etc. Another way to do it is have say a three colour theme like Red, White and Blue.

Where's Wally has already been a popular theme for many hen parties but still looks great. Don't forget the glasses.

Angels - a good old favourite.

Cowgirls is a good choice and you can make the costumes up yourselves with added accessories including cowgirl hats, boots and sheriff badges.

Cheerleader Theme

You could make a Bubble Wrap outfit or the costumes are available to buy from most good party shops. Very 'Pop'ular.

Sailors. Think anchors, Doughboy Sailor hats, Navy blue outfits. You could also go with a 50's Pin Up Sailor theme which is more sexy.

Barbie Dolls - Some have gone as far as getting a big box to stand in.

Superheros - Great idea for a hen do as you can all have your own individual costume and go dressed as your fav superhero like Bat Girl, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy.

Pirates Theme - Arr Jim Lad. Don't forget the stuffed parrot to enhance the theme.

Why not buzz around the town as Bumble Bees? This is a very unique idea honey's.

Lady Birds if you don't like Bees.

Hooters Girls look brilliant and you are going to get lots of attention.

Spice Girls Costumes - I know but it's a classic. That Union jack dress etc.

A very sexy and cool theme is Playboy Bunnies.

Groovy 70's - Yes flares, bright colours and big sunglasses.

School Girls - The hen could go as the Head Teacher and carry a whip to keep you all in order.

Nuns. Naughty of course. A good one, great fun and this idea is easy to put together.

An easy costume to put together for a hen weekend is Nurses. White dresses, stockings and hypodermic syringe.

Pajamas, onesies or nighties.

1920's is really popular and a classy theme too. Dress up in some Charleston Flapper Dresses with plenty of tassels. Add a feather headpiece, matching gloves and a feather boa to complete the theme.

Cabin Crew - Virgin is the top choice but you could make up your own airline. Maybe based on the hens name.

If you want something a bit sexy but classy then what about Moulin Rouge?

Baywatch - Yes Red swimsuits or shorts, blonde wigs (if needed) and swimming floats. A brilliant outfit for the summer or if travelling to a hot country.

Ghostbusters Don't forget the ghost.

A good old hen night favourite is Police Women complete with plastic handcuffs and truncheons.

Another classic fancy dress costume is Fire Women.

Clowns - Face paint, bright colours, big shoes and red noses.

Grease Pink Ladies is a very nice theme and my own choice.

Cheerleaders is brilliant if you are having a cheereleading hen party activity on your weekend.

Police Women Costumes

Ugly Betty dressed in bad clothes and glasses. This is easy to put together yourself.

If you're a bit of a Diva then a Tantrums and Tiaras theme is ideal.

Glam Rock with blow up guitars.

Horse racing jockeys. Goes well with a day at the races.

Cats costumes. If you're a cat lover.

Dogs. If you love dogs.

Power Rangers - Strange but still an excellent one if you like to be different.

Winnie the pooh, Tigger, Piglet etc.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Great if there is 8 in your group but you can also have more dwarfs.

Belly Dancers - another Sexy but classy look.

Cave Women - Don't forget the club.

Go for a theme that is out of this world like Star Trek - Uhura Red Dress, knee high black boots and make sure you can do the hand sign. Acessories include the hand phaser which will make your outfit 'stunning'. Will this be the Next Generation theme. Ok I'll stop now.

Doctors or horror doctors with lots of blood.

Harry Potter and Hermione.

Sexy New York Taxi Drivers outfits. Yellow and Black checkers, hats and sashes.

Sumo - Get a big inflatable suit. You might have trouble getting into a club though. Not because the bouncers won't let you in but because you might not fit through the door.

Santa outfits don't just have to be for Christmas.

Tuxedos Can be hired and you can go for the sexy tuxedo look.

Genie outfits can be good fun to make yourselves and what more could you wish for?

Hawaiian - Grass skirts, coconut bras and flower garlands. Great Fun!!.

Farmers or farmers wives. Brill for the West Country.

A gory theme that is good for hens is Rocky Horror.

Abba is still one of the top ones.

Oktoberfest Beer Girls.

Spotty Clothes like Poker dot skirts.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse or other classic cartoons.

Shrek if you don't mind painting yourself green.

Flintstones Theme - Yabba Dabba Doo.

Sesame Street with characters like Cookie Monster, Kermit, Bg Bird and Bert.

Vampire outfits are popular with fans of programs like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries.

Little Miss characters - Little Miss Show-Off, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Whoops and many more ideas from the children's book series. I'm sure you could even think up some unique Little Miss names of your own.

Another classic hen party costume is French Maids.

Mexican outfits with a BIG Sombrero.

Elvis is the KING of themes.

118 118 Runners is easy to do but with lots of gags. "I got your number"

Scooby Do - There are some really high quality Scooby costumes available and don't forget Velma.

Ballerinas with a different colour Tutu for each hen.

Builders and Plumbers. Hard hats and tool belts. Bob the Builder is great too.

80's Retro - Girl's just want to have fun.

Grab a hair net and mop for a Cleaners themed party outfit.

Ball Gowns with lots of sequins is a really classy theme.

Another classy theme that looks great is The Rat Pack. Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

If you are a Princess then go for Royalty.

Cosplay offers an endless amount of options. Top ones are Manga and anime.

Star Wars - Out of this world.

The A Team - Mr T, Hannibal, Face, B.A and Howling Mad Murdock.

The Simpsons - Marge is best but you could dress up as the whole family and other character outfits.

If you want a big costume - Bananas.

Sexy Referee with mini skirt, baseball cap and whistle.

Gangster film themes are great fun.

Catsuits. Again good to go for different colours each if you can.

Fairies - A magic theme with wings and fairy dust.

Wizard of Oz - Go as Dorothy Gale, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and all the others depending on how many there are of you going to the party.

Bollywood - Long Sari style dresses in bright colours, sparkly bangles that come in a variety of colors and henna Tattoos.

Naughty Secretary - An easy costume to put together.

Miss Dominatrix - If you dare go for wips and rubber.

Another film inspired theme is Toy Story.

Penguins is good in Winter!!

Don't like penguins but like Black and White? Then how about Pandas?

Lions - Yes more aminal themes.

Monkeys. People go nuts for this one!! Could be mixed with the Banana outfit to make a whole new theme.

Scottish - Kilts and Sporrans are a great way to add a theme to a Edinburgh or Glasgow hen weekend.

Comic Charactors like Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

Think back to your childhood with this one - Teletubbies.

Smurfing Hen Party with blue face paint and white hats.

Hi De Hi Yellow Coats Morning campers.

The hen's favourite Movie star - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn.

Egyptian goddesses - Don't forget the sandals.

Geisha Girls.

Marilyn Monroe - White dresses and wigs.

Vikings - Great for Horny Hens that intend to Invade the Town.

Cinderella is another good classic theme that is a favourite with groups on a hen do.

For something a little different. Miss Red Riding Hood.

Babies is a strange one but a great laugh.

Gold Theme - Everything you wear must be gold coloured. Kylie gold hot pants, Gold make-up, gold shoes. You could even dye your hair gold.

Little Britain offers so many ideas with all the characters.

Village People - YMCA! Yes you can each dress as a police officer, an Indian chief, a construction worker, a soldier, biker and a Cowboy.

Power Rangers.

Horror Film Theme.

Viking Warrior Costume with a horny helmet.

Naughty Devils with horns and tails.

More theme ideas on the way.

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