Costumes, accessories, themes, ideas and fancy dress for your stag or hen night.

Printed t-shirts, costumes and other accessories are a great way of adding a theme to your stag night or hen party.

We've put together a few ideas to get you started but remember not all venues allow fancy dress so check before you go dressed in an ape costume or you may feel a bit of a chimp!


If you're looking for stag and hen night accessories and fun novelty ideas we have a few suggesions you might like.

Hen Night Accessories

Hen Night Accessories

Some top ideas for a hen night are.

L Plates.

Hen Party Sash.


Devil Horns.

Hen Party Veils.

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Stag Night Accessories

Stag Night Accessories

Classic ideas for a stag night are.

Ball and Chain.

Blow Up Inflatable Sheep.


Plastic Boobs.


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Themed events.

If you're booking a themed activity for your stag night or hen party then you could dress for the part with a costume or add some accessories.

Grease Theme


You may be thinking of a Grease themed hen weekend or booking a Grease dance activity.

Pink Lady jackets.




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Borat Theme

Official Borat Mankini

Totally embarrass the stag with a Borat outfit.


Borat Wig.


Fake chest hair.

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Murder Mystery evening

Film star

For a Murder Mystery evening you could dress the part.

Film star.

Police Officer.

Sherlock Holmes.

Miss Marple.

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Medieval Banquet Themes

Medieval banquet

If your booking for the Medieval Banquet the costumes to go for are.

King costume.

Queen costume.

Court Jester costume.

Knight costume.

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Printed stag and hen night T-shirts, badgets.

Getting T-shirts, badges and other garments printed is a great way to personalize your party.


Printed T-shirts

Get some printed with the stag or hens...


Party Date.

Printed Badges and Sashes

Printed Badges

Printed Badges and Sashes the hens...


Party Date.


Gifts for the hen or stag.

Would you like to get the hen or stag a special gift to celebrate their weekend.

Gifts for the hen

Hen night gift

Gift ideas for a hen night are.

Personalised Wine Glass.

Personalised Teddy.

Hen Party Photo Album.

Personalised Newspaper.

Bottle of Bubbly.

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Gifts for the stag

Gift for a stag

Gift ideas for a stag night are.

Personalised Whisky.

Personalised shot Glass.

Face Mask.

Inflatable Beer Bucket.

Crate of Beer.

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Fancy dress costume ideas for hen nights and stag parties.

Dressing the stag or hen in a costume is a great way to embarrass them or why not all go in the same fancy dress theme.

Hen Night Costumes

Dress up for the hen night

Some costume ideas for your hen night...

Bunny Girls.

Sex in the City.
Ugly Betty.

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Stag Night Costumes

Embarrass the stag

Some ideas to embarrass the stag...


Big Chicken.

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